1 Year Of Game Development (My First Game)

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I've been developing my first game in Unreal Engine for one full year now. In this video I share my progress, thoughts, mistakes and future on this journey to making my first game.

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This is what one full year of game development looks like, if you want to know how to make a game, I shared some helpful links in the description. This is my first game, I'm making it in unreal engine, it's a physics-based boxing game. In this video I share my journey through making my first game, lots has happened in the past year - I learned Unreal Engine in 1 month, quit my job, moved to an island and am now working full time on making my first game and making youtube videos.

This is how making games changed my life, I did not expect at all what was to come and now I share my story so far. I'm very positive about the future and I am on track to finishing my first game. If you want to develop your own game, I suggest starting small, don't overscope. Aim to complete your project within one month, and keep doing that until your confidence grows. It's easy to get discouraged looking at videos like making a game in 1 day, making a game in 2 hours, etc but making games takes time. Keep going.
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