10-Minute Acting Class: Conscious Action through The Artistic Frame

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In today's acting class, we cover how actors can improve their work through knowledge of and practicing conscious action. Remember ALL ACTING is ACTION. We must be conscious of our action each and every moment in our work or it is not artistic and may serve to distract from the story we are trying to tell with our characters. We achieve conscious action through The Artistic Frame: Preparation, Action, Sustain, and Stop. I will be using the simple example of throwing a ball to demonstrate how action on stage and in film must be performed in order to be seen and felt by the audience.

00:35 - Acting as Action
03:24 - The Artistic Frame - Preparation through Polarity & Visualization
04:48 - The Artistic Frame - Fully-formed Action through Composition
05:43 - The Artistic Frame - Sustaining the Action through Radiation
07:43 - The Artistic Frame - Knowing when the Action has Ended
08:17 - Demonstration of Conscious Action through Throwing and Catching a Ball.
11:20 - The Importance of Specificity of Form for the Actor

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