2020 Viking 80' Enclosed Bridge [Walkthrough]

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Like all Viking Yachts models, the VIKING YACHTS 80 ENCLOSED BRIDGE hones its blue-water DNA from its stable mates. The sleek styling of the VIKING YACHTS 80 ENCLOSED BRIDGE showcases an impeccable sheer line with nine feet of freeboard forward tapering to slightly more than three feet at the stern, a lively reflection of the aggressive profiles of its recent brethren including the VIKING 92 and VIKING 62 Convertibles. The VIKING 80 hull’s sharper entry merges with a higher forward chine designed to divert spray downward when ripping through head seas. Convex hull sections add curvature and form to the refined running surface, while a quad of molded running strakes accentuate lateral tracking and maneuverability. Tumblehome at the corners of the curved transom adds definition and beauty. Deadrise at the transom is degrees and the beam is carried well aft providing exceptional volume, buoyancy and balance, a deft combination, which comfortably accommodates additional fuel, and the weight of a gyro stabilizer. The VIKING YACHTS 80 ENCLOSED BRIDGE is a true dual purpose sportfish, equally suited tournament fishing and family cruising.
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