"3rd Time is a Charm" - Gemini Season - Incredible Abundance on All Levels! Gemini New Moon May 22

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It's Gemini Season! This new moon on May 22 is bringing opportunity to recover, rebuild, and move forward on long term goals and commitments. Clearing away confusion and clearly communicating the way you feel.

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I intend every reading I do brings healing and understanding to you in some way. I intend that you will feel the unconditional love that surrounds you and is you and allow it to fill every cell of your body. Breathe in the peace and love and breathe out all that doesn’t serve you.
Remember time is an illusion and energy is fluid. This may have already happened, is happening now or will happen. Listen to your inner guide and take what is truth for you.
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Katherine Nichole
BS Kinesiology
Wellness Coach
Reiki Master
Theta Healer
Introspective Hypnosis/ Past Life Regression Practitioner
Animal Communication/ Healing
Intuitive Card Reader
Ordained Minister
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