4x4 Reveal...... Our 1st Release 1985 Toyota BJ60

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Wow! Here we are with our first premiere! I hope you like the content, the editing, and the layout. This is my 4th attempt at editing on my own. As you can see in the previous 3 videos, each one I am learning more, adapting a rhythm and a flow I hope you will enjoy.

In this episode we unveil the background and premise of our channel, the brand, and the content. We have over 60 hours at least invested in time in learning from YouTube, everything about videography, editing, transitions, audio, lighting, gear, YouTube as a business, and on and on and

We travel to Bradenton Florida to meet up with our guy AJ and check on our projects, jump in and give a hand, and tell you about our 1st episode to the North Georgia Mountains, our guest, and the content behind the trip.
*SPOILER ALERT*.."Harry & The Hendersons"....... lets see whose old enough to know the Ha!

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Until next on keeping on
Joe & Butter

Here's some of my FAV'S I'm learning from right now on how to do videography quality, and learn the

Peter McKinnon: Video & Photography, Cinematography

Casey Neistat: Cinematography, Creativity & VLoggin

Think Media: YouTube as a bidnass

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