Activision FINALLY Talks About The Cheater Problem In Warzone - There IS AN ANTI-CHEAT!

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►In today's video, we discuss Activision finally speaking about the cheater problem in Warzone, which has run rampant for weeks and caused many streamers including Vikkstar, to stop playing entirely. In a post, Activision has briefed the community on the hacker issue and has also confirmed Call of Duty: Warzone has had an anti-cheat the whole time.

0:00 - Activision finally SPEAKS!
1:10 - Community letter breakdown & explanation
3:22 - Activision SUING cheat developers?
4:30 - Warzone HAS AN ANTI-CHEAT?
5:37 - Activision promises more communication
7:00 - Dark Matter & Level 1000 Cheaters will be banned too
7:39 - Opinion/Insight
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