•| Anime characters react to eachother | 4/9 | Ray/ The Promised Neverland❤ |•

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Guys it's 12 Am, I have been trying to export this forever but it would say "yOu dOnT hAvE iNtErNal sToRagE" When the only pics or vids I have on my device are the ones used in the video???? anyways I'm tired???? and my battery boutta die????what luck, idk if I can reply to comments straight away, but I'll see? Ajjsdjkdkf I feel drunk from tiredness-
do you feel about my new outro, I put you in it because I wanted to include you in something????, I like it a lot and I really like the song I used, so you like dancing with me?????lmfao
I hope you have a good day/Night and I love you????
None of the videos used in this video are mine credit to the rightful owners????
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