; artistic talent // akuma ;

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* best artist in the world
* everyone loves your art
* your art is extremely amazing, beautiful, creative, perfect, appealing and unique
* your art is adored by millions of people
* everyone is extremely willing to pay large amounts of money for your art
* most successful artist in the world
* master of every art medium and style
* exact ideal art style
* be able to draw anything from your imagination perfectly
* draw extremely quickly and effortlessly
* paint extremely quickly and effortlessly
* master any art medium instantly
* your art is always free from imperfections
* become 999999999 googleplexian times better at art every nanosecond
* extremely creative
* extremely big, creative and unique imagination
* always come up with amazing and unique art ideas
* become 999999999 googleplexian times more creative every nanosecond
* permanently free from art block
* always be extremely motivated to make art
* manifest all ideal art supplies
* greatest understanding of anatomy, proportions, perspective, and colour theory in the world
* effortlessly convey powerful stories, messages and emotions through your art
* your artistic skill is constantly improving at an unbelievably rapid speed
* draw any pose perfectly
* perfect shading
* have a full understanding of and master every aspect or art

; Important notes ;
* listen at 30%-60% volume
* drink LOTS of water
* headphones are recommended
* listen 2-6 times daily
* all my videos are downloadable
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