BALLOON FAMiLY new GAME with Adley & Niko! morning swimming inside the pool routine! tooth update ??

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a casual Saturday playing with the kids!!


Best Balloon Family Day Ever 1179

Welcome for Adley?!! No, this is the Best Day Ever! We start the day with a morning swim in backyard hot tub pool. It's so nice and warm. We still have all the ball pit balls in here so its extra fun!! Adley brought he Barbie and a boat in to ride the waves while Niko trolls, have a battle with the balls floating in the water. After some trolling and sunbathing, we head inside to get some food!

Once inside, Adley and I head downstairs to show you that instead of making a fort, these days we've been using balloons to make mini families and friends. We also do arts and crafts with them, drawing faces and places on the balloons. The whole family comes down and we play a new game called keepy uppy. We have to work as a team to not let the chosen balloon to not touch the ground. It's like floor is lava for balloons.

Its then time to hang out as a family. We see Navey show of some tricks, she's getting so big. She's strong enough to hold her head up and Navey learns to wrestle with her big brother and sister. We also get an update on Niko Bears tooth, and as our last thing to do before be Adley and I play some Roblox.

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