Barbie Dolls BFF Morning Routine - Dreamhouse Adventures Family Play

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Barbie and her Best friends Daisy and Nikki Are having a bff weekend. You may have seen these characters in the Episodes of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures show on . Barbie and her friends show us her Morning Routine! They had a sleepover and they camped out with sleeping bags in Barbies Bedroom. They wake up and Barbie's Dad brought them yummy breakfast! They decide to do something new and fun, They try Goat Yoga! What an adventure that was, Later they go to the Barbie Malibu Mall for a relaxing spa pedicure. Its all bout self-care! Its great to have a best friend like Barbie. We also see the rest of the Barbie Family in this video like Chelsea, Skipper, Stacie, and Barbie's parents.

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