BED WARS SOLO: Fight with a cheater!!! (Blockman Go)

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Blockman GO is a mobile game that combines elements of battle royale with graphics highly reminiscent of Minecraft. Plus this title has a large number of settings and mini-games (Bed Wars, Egg Wars, Sky Wars, etc.) that you can try out to experience new adventures in each round.

Once you go into one of the mini games in most cases you'll need to move your character using the D-pad. You'll also have to quickly search for tools and weapons to interact with and defend yourself against the other players.

Join multiplayer fights, jailbreak games, and more in Blockman GO! In multiplayer fights, you can go against players from other parts of the world. Takedown the enemy fast, or you will be taken down first! You can also wage war against other players to collect rare dragon eggs.

Your avatar will represent you on Blockman GO’s range of minigames (BedWars, EggWars, SkyWars). Customize it according to your personal style and preference! You can dress up your avatar in a simple, elegant or outrageous way. It’s all up to you! You can also meet new friends via the game’s chat section. You can connect with friends and other online players via chat groups and private messaging!

⭕G-Star code: DOFAMINE⭕

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HiPiK channel (Sky Wars, Egg Wars) ????

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