Britney Spears Will Never Be Free

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Uncover The Strict Rules Our Queen Britney Spears Must Follow Under The Conservatorship
Since Britney’s public meltdown in 2007, the pop star has been under a legal guardianship known as conservatorship. The legal agreement gives all control of the star’s career, finances, and decisions to her father, Jamie Spears.

In order to avoid legal repercussions, Britney is forced to follow strict regulations as outlined in her guardianship. She’s not allowed to spend money without her father’s knowledge, advocate for her own rights, hire a lawyer, or have full custody of her two sons. On top of that, she can barely do any regular, day-to-day activities such as drive a car, go shopping, get take-out, pay bills, or even get married. She;s not even allowed to have children!

With the movement by fans to #FreeBritney, the world is finally taking note of the intense rules this star has had to deal with for almost 12 years. Fans are now wondering if the conservatorship, a legal contract usually reserved for people with dementia or other debilitating illnesses, is the right thing to keep Britney safe.

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