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Dancing at the Vatican is an inspirational documentary telling the story of a seemingly impossible journey made by families bound by the same devastating, genetically inherited disease, Huntington's. Leaving the poorest corners of Latin America for the first time, they make it to Rome; not just to a Papal audience, but other, unimaginable, surprises. The event became the biggest ever global gathering for this long-stigmatised disease, as generations of shame and stigma were shed, for a day.

The film is available with Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German and English subtitles here:

Narrated by Emmy-award winning war reporter Charles Sabine, himself from an HD family. Together with leading neuroscientist Dr. Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuan and geneticist Dr. Claudia Perandones, founders of Factor-H, a charity that helps HD sufferers in Latin America, and Dr. Elena Cattaneo, who was made Senator for Life in Italy for her work researching the disease; this impassioned group made history for the one remaining truly hidden disease on Earth, when Pope Francis became the first global leader to speak the words 'Huntington's disease' aloud. The film captures this pivotal moment of hope for Huntington's Disease families in a film that will lift spirits after the ravages of 2020; showing that if enough people who refuse to give in, come together, anything is possible.

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