DESTINY | Motivational Film (HD)

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Originally a project set to be two seperate releases, “DESTINY” emerges into one visually impressive, polished film assembled through carefully selected footage from “Stronger” with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany, “The Way Back” with Academy Award Winner® Ben Affleck and the stunning 2019 space-film “Ad Astra” featuring Academy Award Winner® Brad Pitt.

DESTINY is empowered by the influental and vastly uplifting words by motivational speaker Les Brown, as well as a brief speech appearance by the late rap icon, Tupac Shakur. The soundtrack is a phenomenal composition by Whitesand, featuring “Eternity” in this film.

Dreamway Studios Entertainment presents a film by Simon Scheerens, “Destiny”. Streaming on YouTube starting June 10, 2020.

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Destiny | Motivational Film (HD)

Soundtrack courtesy of Whitesand []
Ad Astra footage courtesy of 20th Century Fox
The Way Back footage courtesy of Warner Bros.
Stronger footage courtesy of Lionsgate

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