Divine Masculine At Their Wits End, Leading Them Back To Feminine, Gemini Full????Energy ???????????

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Hi All
Welcome to Sister Moon Tarot channel. I hope for my channel to provide you with a warm, cozy place to instill hope and comfort on your spiritual journey and for you to connect to me and other souls that can assist you along the way. I aim to make my channel a safe place that feels like family with a lot of love, validation, and illumination of you and your counterparts feelings. I have a background in being a mental health therapist, with a Masters in Social Work but I left that field and later realized my path when I entered my own Twin Flame Journey which was brought to my consciousness in 2017 but I probably began around 2012. I appreciate all those that stop by and show love! I am not always doing personal readings as I make my collective readings my priority and I manage many health issues but I do have a running list for when I open them up occasionally. Love to you all.

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