DIY Doll Mini Loft Apartment

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It's time for another adorable miniature house! This time slime Sam and his friend Sue are assembling a cute rooftop loft.

This little house is made with the help of a special kit and it has lots of sweet little details. Unlike other houses Sam and Sue made before, this loft has only one room and an adorable garden on the roof!

There's a large book shelf, a cozy chair, lots of plants and items for a pet cat. There are so many plants here that even the spiral staircase has beautiful roses along the banister. And there's a tree just outside the full-length window!

Sam is really helpful. He likes making little pieces, while Sue assembles the walls and other bigger parts. Dora's loft even has real light, an elegant ceiling lamp. Gorgeous!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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