Doc Drama Continues, Unstoppable Hacker, Valorant Cheater Caught Live | Esports Rewind #98

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Tons to talk about in this Esports Rewind

00:00 - Intro
00:42 - @DrDisRespect Can't Stream with @TimTheTatman even off stream?
4:59 - A HUGE @Apex Legends Hacker Who Can't Be Stopped
9:20 - @VALORANT Cheater Caught Live on Stream with Trigger Bot
12:30 - The Twitch Hot Tub Meta
17:58 - @Rainbow Six Esports Pros Keep Out Females or Not?
22:04 - C9 White Removes Keiti (this situation has now been explained since this recording)

You can find the C9 White Dropping Keiti Video Here:

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