Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 4 | SENKU MAKES CAR [English Subtitles]

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RECAP of Dr. Stone S2 Episode 4 | SENKU MAKES CAR
Senku INVENTS CAR full build [English subtitles] -

02:25 Ukyo caught Chrome
02:50 Chrome meeting with Tsukasa
7:00 Ukyo saves Chrome
7:40 Senku makes car

A science-minded boy with a superhuman brain, Senku, and his close friend, Taiju, who prides himself on physical endurance. Taiju has longed to convey his true feelings for a childhood friend, Yuzuriha. However, suddenly the sky is covered with a dazzling light, and a mysterious phenomenon occurs: humans all over the world instantly turn to stone! Over 3700 years pass, until one day Taiju miraculously breaks free from the stone. He reunites with Senku, who has also broken free, and the two swear to rebuild civilization from scratch through the power of science!

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