Elsword Game Guide - Character Skills

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Welcome to the Elsword Game Guide - your guide for companion to help you along your journey through all of Elrios!

This bi-weekly series is designed to help you master each of the different features in Elsword to maximize your character! Whether it's Magic Stones, Henir or Titles -- The Elsword Game Guide has got you covered!

This time, the Game Guide takes you through the Skill System and all the secrets and hidden tricks that comes along maximizing the potential of your character!

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Elsword is a free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG. With intuitive and straightforward controls, Elsword offers players of all skill levels the ability to experience the thrill of victory in combat either on solo missions or cooperatively in a party of up to four players. For those who welcome a challenge, Elsword also delivers action-packed PvP combat.


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