Ep. 161 "The Quarantine Chronicles" vol. 11

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Local-ish and new in the PNW WFH era

Covid is spiking. WWU goes online Fall. And wear a bleeping mask.

* Buff must listen to our show:
* From @RisingSunSailor Danny- Starks (Indi copany based in PDX serving the Northwest since 1932) mask
Dan on IG:


* Definitely not new, but don’t forget about the Blaine waterfront. Even in the colder weather season. ()

Bellingham Bingo - Showcasing a local area restaurant for your next takeout order

*AJ: *
Little Tokyo in Barkley Village () - 2915 Newmarket Street #101, Five-year anniversary for management! Delivery available from Viking Food.

*Chris: *
Drayton Harbor Oysters () - Smack dab on the Blaine waterfront in a 100-year-old building, 685 Peace Portal Drive. Outdoor seating, think Keenan’s at the Pier and Latitude 49 experience. Raw, grilled, and stewed my! Watch out for Rogers Wireless roaming charges.

This just

*AJ: *

* Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze - finally
* Grail camera. The Sony rX1r-ii. The Formula One of cameras- but why would AJ aquire à high priced 5 year old camera ()?
* Shout out Mattias Burling and Gunpowder (The coolest french bulldog on the internet )

More like ALL this just got shipped out. #EbayPurge

Quality Assurance


Chris: The B1M YouTube channel (). “... to fundamentally change the perception of construction on planet Earth - attracting more people to this incredible industry.”
The $15BN Island That Will Make or Break Sri Lanka ()
Growing Up: How Vertical Farming Works ()
The World's Greatest Stadium Upgrades ()


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More solo episodes () from Chris?


*Mr. Heang - *
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