Family Artistic Inheritance الميراث العائلي الفني | Dahlia Refaat | TEDxRasElBar

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"I feel weak about my roots, as well as about textures and colors, strings and cats, brands and vintage style photography, even if it's a modern product of my handmade pinhole camera. All I know is that art is the thing I want to do as long as I'm alive."

Dahlia Refaat will talk about the artistic family inheritance, and how each of us is related to the artistic composition in his family who can develop life can cancel it and talk about graffiti, street music, children’s arts and their nature, and the language of colors is important and the arts of society and how it affects us in a human way.

أشعر بالضعف حيال جذوري، وكذلك نحو الأنسجة والألوان، والخيوط والقصاقيص، والماركات والفوتوغرافيا عتيقة الطراز، حتى لو كانت منتجًا حديثًا لآلة تصويري ذات الثقب المصنوعة يدويًا. كل ما أعرفه هو أن الفن هو الشيء الذي أريد أن أقوم به طالما أنا حية."

داليا رفعت هتتكلم عن الميراث العائلي الفني وازاي كل واحد مننا مرتبط بالتكوين الفني اللي فى عيلته اللي ممكن تطور الحياة يلغيها وهتحكى عن الجرافيتي ومزيكا الشارع وفنون الأطفال وفطرتهم وازاي لغة الألوان مهمة وفنون المجتمع وازاى بتأثر علينا بشكل إنسانى. Assistant Project Manager at Harmony Project

Works at Platform

Independent Visual Artist, Freelance Cultural Operator at Visual Artist, Freelance Curator

Former Art Instructor up-cycled paper & fabric at Remedy Project

Former art collection specialist at Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Former Exhibitions Specialist at Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Former Art Teacher at Mohamed Korayem Language School ( ) This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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