Gemini - They’re Not Being Honest ???? - Gemini Full Moon Eclipse Mini Reading

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15 minute reading $40
30 minute reading $65
60 minute reading $110
*Readings conducted via phone/text/DM - Ask anything, unlimited questions in your time*


???? Timelines are fluid

⚡️ Energies channeled may be yours, some around you, or reversed. Messages regarding love can be about business and vice versa. Venus rules business, and love!

Gemini August 2020
Gemini Tarot Reading
Gemini Sun
Gemini Moon
Gemini Rising
Gemini Venus
Gemini Man
Gemini Woman
Gemini In Love
Gemini As Friends
Gemini gang
Gemini Mercury
Gemini Lovers
Gemini Tarot
Gemini season
Gemini personality
Gemini Astrology
Gemini Zodiac
Gemini Twins
Understanding A Gemini
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