GEMINI - This Has Been Happening Behind The Scene And Will Absolutely Shook You | MARCH 15-21 TAROT

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❤ Hello, my beautiful family!✨

This is a General Reading for
GEMINI - MARCH 15-21 | Weekly Tarot Reading
Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus Sign

In this reading, we will find out what you need to urgently know this week and what your spirit team would like you to focus on moving forward. I hope you enjoy your reading and Thank you for stopping by!
Love & Light ????✨

???? Personal Readings Are Not Available At This Time

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✨ Cards Used In This Reading ✨
Pixie Lenormand:
The Psychic Tarot:
Messages Of Love: All Things Intuitive (Etsy)

✨ My Favorite Decks ✨
Angel Wisdom Tarot:
Radiant Wise Tarot:
Sacred Rebel:
Sacred Spirit:

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