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Gemini, Weekly general tarot/energy reading.
Regardless of any spiritual/tarot reading or advice that anyone ever gives you, always make your own choices and follow your own path. xoxo ;).

Week 1: Faery Reading for Each Zodiac Sign
Week 2: Examining Your Current & Future Archetypal Energy for Each Zodiac Sign (guidance regarding what you have been working on, what you have been healing & what is blossoming in your life)
Week 3: Ancestral Messages for Each Zodiac Sign (These messages of guidance will be asked specifically from ancestors that have passed on and continue to guide you in your life journey)
Week 4: High Priestess Reading for Each Zodiac Sign (no tarot cards, just oracle - Each reading will have an empowering incantation, we will look into your potency, your kryptonite, your nemesis and your next life assignment/path).

Thank you for your donations - small, medium and large -all are greatly appreciated and help me to keep this channel going.
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I can be reached through email at the following address: AwakeningToSpirit72@
Please note that I am no longer doing private readings.
I do read all emails but due to the number of emails that I receive, I can not respond to all of the messages. Thank you for reaching out to me.

*The Camera That I am using - Sony FDR AX53
*Video Editing Software That I Use - Wondershare Filmora9

My Tarot and Oracle Decks:

Tarot Decks
-Tarot of Dreams

-SpellCaster’s Tarot

-Tarot De La Nuit

-Shawdowscapes Tarot

-Tarot of Sexual Magic

-Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

-SteamPunk Tarot Deck

-Starman Tarot

-Ethereal Visions illuminated Tarot Deck

-Magical Dogs Tarot

-Millennium Thoth Tarot

Oracle Decks
-Archangel Oracle Cards

-Energy Oracle Cards

-The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck

-Return of Spirit Oracle Deck

-Divine Guidance Oracle Deck

-Barbieri Zodiac Oracle Deck

-Gods and Titans Oracle Deck

-Goddess Power Oracle Deck

-The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle Deck

-Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck

-The Faeries’ Oracle Deck

-Journey of Love Oracle Deck

-Dog Wisdom Oracle Deck

-Romance Angels Oracle Deck

-Elle Qui Oracle Deck
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