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Hey There Soul Fam Welcome to my channel
Thank you so much for checking me out!!

If this reading resonated with you do me a favor
and give me some feedback it is greatly appreciated!

Please be patient with me as I go on my healing journey to get my body back on will be in and out but I will won't leave you You

I am a empath, Psychic and Healer
I am a Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon, and Libra Rising

I am reading for the collective therefore, this is a general reading, not a personal reading in order for this reading to relate to you personally I would have to tune into your energy only. If this reading resonate with your situation please pray to your spiritual team to get guidance as if this reading is specific to your life.

In my readings The Universe wants to use music as a healing component to heal in some of my readings I will sing and use music to bring other messages into the reading.

My readings are timeless whenever spirit deems for you to get the message then its your time to hear it.

There isn't any gender bias only male or female energy whichever one you associate with you

All of my readings can go vice versa just take what resonates and ignore what does not apply to you.

Healing is the key to our happiness and success therefore my readings will come from a healing prospective.

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