GiANT FORT and Pajama Day!! Adley makes Gummy Bear Pancakes for breakfast! Family Movie Morning ???

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join us for some Popsicles, Paw Patrol, and Paramount+
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Best Giant Fort Day Ever 1201

Making breakfast with the whole family! I can’t think of a better start to a Best Day Ever!! Thanks to Paramount+ for making it all happen!

The morning started out with Adley and Niko Bear both wanting to mix up our normal breakfast routine by making some crazy pancakes. Niko want to make chocolate and Adley wants gummy bears in hers. What?!! My kiddos are nuts! So we start mixing and adding these candy to our batter, when Adley decides she wants to make some pancake art by adding color to hers. They add in some blue, green, and red and end up with a kind of grey lol.

While making breakfast we decide that today would be a great day to just relax and stay in our pajamas. It would also be way fun to go downstairs and make a giant fort! We have these new cushion building blocks that the entire family can use to make awesome forts. This will also be a great time to show the kiddos a new app we have, Paramount+!!

They reached out to us a few weeks ago seeing if we wanted to partner up for a video and after looking at all the awesome shows and movies they have, it was a no brainer. I mean, they have Paw Patrol and Niko Bear loves that show!! Once breakfast is done, we head downstairs to build our very own Paw Patrol Tower big enough for the whole family hang out in and enjoy Paramount+.

After a few revisions and some family fun, we finally get the fort all ready. Jenny logs into Paramount+, they even have a mobile app, and after some updates to our profiles, we start looking at the mountain of entertainment they have. It’s amazing, some of mine and Jenny’s favorites shows are on here- Blues Clues, SpongeBob, and of course our family’s favorite, Paw Patrol. They also have the show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. Jenny and I love that show so much. I’m so excited to watch new shows and movies with Adley and Niko Bear, as well watch some of our childhood favorites as a family!

It was a super chill day just watching a marathon of Paw Patrol and other Paramount+ shows in our PJs. Eating popsicles, sliding on the slide, and bouncing on the mini tramp. So great to have these relaxing days every now and then.

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