How Often to Check Blood Sugar? Diabetes Specialist Gives Advice. When to Check Blood Sugars.

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Dr. Ahmet Ergin answers" how often should I check my blood sugar? When should I check blood sugars? How often is too often to check blood glucose? What are the ways for blood sugar monitoring? How often should I check my blood sugar on insulin? How do blood sugar monitors help?

Self-monitoring of blood glucose plays a key role in supporting self- care behaviors and decision making.
Self-monitoring of blood glucose provides people with diabetes the information they need to assess how food, physical activity, and medications affect their blood glucose levels.
Structured blood glucose monitoring schedules are necessary in order to interpret the effects of food, physical activity, and medications on glycemic control.
In addition to blood glucose monitoring providing data for glucose pattern management, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) has become a useful tool for filling in glucose data gaps.

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