How To Get Gladiator On Resto Shaman - Ep 2 - Talents | Macros | Addons | Keybinding Tips

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Here is my second in depth guide in the series of how to get gladiator on resto shaman! I hope you guys can learn a thing or two from this and will use that knowledge to propel you to new heights in arena on resto shaman!

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/cast [target=your teammates name] Purify Spirit

[Dispel Self]
/cast [target=yourname] Purify Spirit

[Spirit Link]
/cast [@cursor] Spirit Link Totem

[Earthgrab Totem]
/cast [@cursor] Earthgrab Totem

[Earthen Wall Totem]
/cast [@cursor] Earthen Wall Totem

[Shear 1-3]
/cast [target=arena1] Wind Shear

Add different arena 1,2,3 for different shears

[Hex 1-3]
/cast [target=arena1] Hex

Add different arena 1,2,3, for different hexs

[Focus Flame Shock]
/cast [target=focus] Flame Shock

[Focus Lava Burst]
/cast [target=focus] Lava Burst

[Focus Hex]
/cast [target=focus] Hex

[Focus Lightning Bolt + Cancel BoP]
/cast [target=focus] Lightning Bolt
/cancelaura blessing of protection

[Focus Purge]
/cast [target=Focus] Purge

[Focus Palm] For Pandas Only!
/cast [target=focus] Quaking Palm

/use Tremor Totem

[Grounding Totem]
/use Grounding Totem

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