Inspirational Thought 036 - Hindi (with Punjabi & Hindi subtitles) RSSB

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These short video clips in English are taken mostly from the RSSB books and are intended to give an “inspirational thought” that we can all reflect on.

"Life is like an empty dream.
There is nothing real about it.
Just as a blossom does not last for long, neither does life.
As in a dramatic performance, the actors come to play their parts as kings, queens, villains, and the like, and, on its conclusion, go their own way, forgetting all about those relationships.
So is the world also a big stage where we come to perform our roles and then depart.
As in a dramatic performance, our attachments in life are unreal.
It befits us to live in this world during our temporary sojourn resigned to His will and the provisions He has made for us.
- Sardar Bahadur —Science of the Soul"

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