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Kannan (Prashanth) is a young music shop employee. He dreams of a girl who wears gold anklets. One day he sees the feet of a running girl, and realises that she is the girl he has been dreaming of. He follows her. Kannan goes to a music college to repair music instruments. Gayathri (Simran), a college student, is the girl which Kannan found as his dream girl. She and her friends approach and request him to not repair the music instruments, as they are very old and unfit to use for the music contest. Kannan uses the opportunity to become close to her but Gayathri is angered by his behaviour. Kannan accompanies Gayathri to Bangalore for the music contest, where Gayathri sees Kannan getting money from a rival music band. On the day of the contest, Gayathri and her team are shocked to learn that the song which they have composed was stolen by the other troop. She assumes that Kannan has stolen and sold their work for money despite Kannan's protest that he is innocent. Kannan lends her one of the love poems he had written for her, and she sings it in the contest and wins the prize. Gayathri understands that Kannan has no role in the stealing of the song and he got money from the troop for fixing their repaired music instruments. Gayathri now realised her mistake and rushes to apologize and accept his love. Kannan gets news that his father was injured and rushes home.
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