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This Minecraft RTX survival let's play series is an RTX (ray tracing) Bedrock Minecraft survival let's play in episode format (episode 1, episode 2, etc.). This Minecraft survival RTX let's play uses Nvidia's ray tracing technology inside of Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Minecraft on PE [Pocket Edition], Xbox, PS3/PS4/PS4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Nintendo DS) that creates the most visually pleasing version of Minecraft survival yet. My Minecraft survival let's play on Bedrock with insane graphics that uses Nvidia RTX (ray tracing) will come out with 1-2 episodes per week. This Minecraft survival let's play should be amazing!! Available only on the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft Bedrock, RTX on Minecraft requires a 20 or 30 series Nvidia graphics card to run. It is not available on any other platform (as of December 2020) aside from Windows 10. I hope you all enjoy the series and thank you all so much for choosing to watch me!!

Play along with me (Bedrock ONLY seed): TheNeoCubest40932887409

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