Madden 07 but it's a game between the 2 WORST teams

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Welcome to the 5th episode of the Sarasota Seamen series on Madden NFL 07. In this episode, the Titans, a divisional rival, and also a terrible team, invite us to Nashville. Does Jeff Fisher have tricks up his sleeve? Can Bus Jibber even fit in long sleeves? His arms are thick lol. Only one game this episode bc it's an important game and I didn't want to cut a lot out of it.

00:00-02:23 Intro & Stuff
02:24-08:00 1st Quarter
08:00-10:35 2nd Quarter
10:36-14:17 3rd Quarter
14:18-18:35 4th Quarter
18:36-19:41 End of Game Stats
19:42-22:44 Standings & League Stats
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