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Once Upon a time at STARLIGHT SCHOOL OF MAGIC, a school for the MAGICAL ARTS, the DISNEY DESCENDANTS (MAL, EVIE, JAY, CARLOS, AUDREY, BEN) all traveled back in time and met the DISNEY PRINCESSES (ELSA, ANNA, BELLE, AURORA, SNOW WHITE, CINDERELLA, RAPUNZEL, ARIEL). However, a mysterious masked group of villains called THE CHAOS CREW has shown up trying to first steal all the magic wands, and now attempting to collect all of the SEVEN SPIRIT STONES in order to have ultimate control! The DESCENDANTS and PRINCESSES must team up to solve all the mysteries behind the Chaos Crew and try to stop their wicked plans!

In our last video, the DISNEY DESCENDANTS found out JANE was in trouble so they had to travel back to AURADON! Little do they know, a villain has a plan to make MAL and BEN go on the ultimate DOUBLE DATE in order to acquire one of the SEVEN SPIRIT STONES! WHO will they go on a double date with?? Let us know anyone you think is SUS in the comments!! And if you have any theories or see any CLUES from this episode of STARLIGHT SCHOOL OF MAGIC, be sure to put them in the comments! Love ya BESTIES!!

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