Max and the book of Chaos Defeat Living Oven ???? Achievement Trophy Guide

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Max and the book of Chaos????:
Price: $

World 3 - Hell's Kitchen - Level 5 spawns the Living Oven. Easy mode.

Note: Recommend coming back to this. This was giving me trouble until I unlocked the Viking Skin/Costume.

Tank Heart Build for this:
Viking Max Skin (600 coins are required to unlock)

Special Abilities - 1 more + life. (300 coins)

Weapons upgrade box 5 (Doesn't matter though)

From the main menu you can click on the notepad in the right side corner of the screen to change your Loadout and skin.

Farm for more coins: World 1 Little Invaders - Level 3 using + 15% more coins upgrade and the trooper max Skin.

Right when you spawn kill the first two aliens in the lava pool. Don't waste your time with saving kids. Avoid the watermelon you can be against the wall. Next shoot the one meatball that comes out of the oven.

Now the giant oven will spawn all you do is shoot him hold RT as much as possible. Basically hug him. He will send out flying meatballs at you avoid these. I found it easy to not look at the green circle where they land but where the safe area is. You can use B to dash away from them. There might be a pattern to where they land. Focus on avoiding them more than collecting power boxes. Keep holding RT while doing this. Rinse and repeat 2 more times the last wave will be longer and faster flying meatballs hopefully you have enough life to make some mistakes and get hit a little.

You have to finish the whole level for this to count. 2:35 is the survival time.

Keep practicing and it helps to turn off music.
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