Navalny. Palace for Putin. The history of the biggest bribe. English Subtitles

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Original video: АлексейНавальный

The text of the investigation with all documents is here

Navalny recorded this video before his return to Russia, but we immediately agreed that we would release it after: Alexey did not want the protagonist of this investigation, Vladimir Putin, to think that we were afraid of him and were telling about his biggest secret from abroad. ...

Today you will see what is considered impossible to see up close. Together with us you will go where no one is allowed. We will visit Putin. Let us be convinced with our own eyes that this man, in his craving for luxury, for wealth, is completely mad. We will find out by whose money and how this luxury is financed. And how, over the past 15 years, the biggest bribe in history has been given and the most expensive palace in the world has been built.

Alexey was detained at the airport, where he arrived after 5 months of treatment in Germany. He ended up there after Putin tried to kill him. On January 18, Navalny was illegally arrested and placed in a pre-trial detention center.

Alexei is always fighting for our rights, and now we must fight for him. Vladimir Putin is obliged to answer for all his crimes.

On January 23 at 14:00, go to the central streets of your cities. Don't be left out.
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00:00 Start
00:27 Navalny in Dresden.
5:00 KGB balls, dances and first friends
9:45 Young Putin, Banditsky Leningrad and the first big bribes
13:41 How Lyosha Miller accepted envelopes with money
16:59 MOSCOW
19:24 Letters from Lyudmila Putina
22:19 How Vladimir Vladimirovich and Igor Ivanovich quarreled
24:40 Putin saves the Yeltsin Family
25:50 PALACE
30:40 Flight over Putin's Palace ????
48:32 Putin's royal habits
54:05 The most expensive interiors in Russia
1:06:47 A very expensive hobby of the president ????
1:15:19 An even more expensive hobby of the president ????
1:19:09 Putin's "defense" oyster farm
1:19:58 "OWNERS"
1:20:58 A complex scheme of simple theft
1:25:50 The most generous uncle in Russia
1:31:27 SPONSORS
1:38:40 We suggest why all this luxury
1:39:41 WOMAN
1:40:53 The President's very secret mistress
1:43:26 The President's not-so-secret mistress
1:47:34 Conclusions

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