Rolex Day-Date 40 Green Dial - $100k Rolex President Anniversary??

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It's obvious by now that anything watch Rolex puts a green dial on will be a hit. Things did not start off like that for this Anniversary dial Rolex Day-Date 40. During it's first year it pretty much just sat at the AD's. People still were not fully convinced that the Olive green dial made a great combination with this Everose President. I myself was not even fully convinced. The obvious at that time should have been that it was going to be something special. Once upon a time I preferred the Day-Date 2 over then new 40. It's safe to day that it has finally grown on me. My favorites are the yellow gold with the rubies, the platinum like mines and this one. Rolex really hit it on the head with this striking contrast of the Olive green with the rose. Many people opted to take a more traditional model with perhaps white or silver background, but a few chose the green. Those few are very lucky today. With prices going north of $50k on this model the question brews, will this model be discontinued? If they do will the price go up to $100k? I say that there is a possibility considering what the Patek 5711 is going for. Market right now is so crazy that anything is possible.

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