Seax Sale 20 OFF! Limited Time

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Viking Seax Sale 20% OFF. Seaxiest Sale Ever! In this video Bohemond, of Boots by Bohemond, ribs and jests with his customers to take advantage of this virtual Pennsic Deal.

Music: Gledi Strids Harfsong Band is great and you should buy this Song!

Thank you for taking an interest in my craft. I am Michael Fine and I have been making historical shoes and boots for folks for over 25 years, I am also providing boots for Walt Disney MGM studios, Stan Winston Studios, several Shakespearean festivals, and opera companies. I make footwear for both men and women from the Roman, Viking, Medieval or Middle Ages, and Renaissance, I very much enjoy my job. I take great pride in, and extract much joy from, making top quality footwear for the historically minded reenactor, cosplay, SCA folks, and Viking groups.

Email: sales@
Facebook: @BootsByBohemond
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