SLiDE MANSiON Hide n Seek!! family & friends play pass the microphone! ultimate new finding game!

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and we found a SPIDER on the ceiling!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! We played the ULTIMATE game of hide and seek with all of my friends and family! We had a huge house all to ourselves so we had a ton of great hiding spots! Of course dad was the first finder so I tried to hide on top of the biggest bunk bed in the house, but somehow he still found me first! After dad found me I got to help him look for more people. I found Mom and Navey hiding in the pantry, and I found my friend Alli hiding in the kitchen. After we found everybody it was my turn to find people, but while we were looking around we saw a HUGE SPIDER on the ceiling! We were all so scared of it and needed dads help getting rid of it but we couldn't find him! We finally found dad hiding in the game room downstairs, and he helped get the spider back with his spider family! I had SO much fun playing hide and seek in the big house, there were so many good hiding spots! Mom and Dad hid on the roof, Nick tried hiding by the indoor slide, and Niko hid under a pile of pillows! I can't wait to play hide and seek with all of my friends again!

my last video -

my dad's last video -

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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