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Bonus Reading Winners
To thank all of you for your support, I am now incorporating a bonus reading every week for the videos with the most views and/or likes. Best of luck to your sign! xoxo

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* General reading — will not resonate with all
* Timeless -- by intent
* Energies can be reversed & timing is fluid -- your timeline may differ
* Best place to find videos is in the playlist section - listed by zodiac and major situation
* If you are checking out other placements, the moon is a good place to start -- emotions

Need help finding your natal (birth) chart? I really enjoy this site, but any site you use will give you the necessary information and help bring insight to who and why we are who we are.

Based on your
SUN represents your personality and how you express yourself to the world. Can also give information about your relationship with your father figure.
MOON gives vital information about your feelings and basic needs. Gives information about your mother figure and is closely related with satisfaction of your basic needs.
MERCURY is linked with your thoughts and the way the mind works. Information can also be gained about the way you communicate with others or approach the learning process.
VENUS reveals how you like to relate to your environment and other people. Reveals the type of person to whom you are attracted and expectations of relationships. It shows what gives you pleasure in life.
MARS is about what motivates you, assertion and drive.
JUPITER is the planet of expansion, abundance, and wisdom. Highlights areas you yearn to discover greater truths.
SATURN represents responsibility, boundaries, and structure that provides a positive framework within which you can build, or structure that limits your development and forces you to reassess your liabilities and assets.
URANUS represents originality and unconventionality. It can be both the unusual and brilliant genius or the willful rebel without a cause. It tells you the areas in which you break with convention, become innovative and experiment with new and exciting ways.
NEPTUNE reflects mysticism and at oneness. Its both the blissful at one-ment of the spiritual and the confusion which comes from not knowing limits and boundaries. It blurs reality and fantasy and teaches you compassion and unity.
PLUTO is the planet of transformation. Nothing stays the same. Its task is to clear out the old to make room for the new. This is done volcanically, by forcing anything submerged to the surface to be dispelled.
CHIRON is the wounded healer and represents our emotional and physical wounds. It reveals a part of us that is hurt, small and vulnerable. We are encouraged to heal our wounds and look beyond personal realms to see the suffering of others and become teachers and healers.
NORTH NODE points to a key lesson in your life. It represents new experiences towards which you must aim during this life.
SOUTH NODE represents past life skills and achievements which stand us in good stead for this life.
ASCENDANT / RISING is a key to self-discovery. It tells how you express yourself as an individual. It's not so much your identity, but more how you choose to express that identity - your primary motivation in life. The older you get the more you strive to express yourself through the qualities of the ascendant.
MIDHEAVEN tells you about your public life, social status and your chosen profession or how you crave or avoid recognition.

HOUSES and how they influence you based on your natal (birth) chart placements
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