Star Gladiator - Episode 1: Final Crusade [PS1] Arcade Mode - June

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I will begin a new series today, and again is a very short series. Star Gladiator is a Capcom 3D fighting game released in 1996 for arcades and Playstation. At that time I was very impressed with the 3D fighting games, but I still hadn't a PS1, so I discovered this game years after. It makes me remind Rival Schools in graphics, but with Soul Edge gameplay.

The story of this game is something like Star It's very complex, even we can't see almost nothing during the game. "In the year 2348, humans have been exploring the vast reaches of outer space for the past four centuries and have established peaceful contact with various alien civilizations. People now emigrate from one planet to another and life is generally good. However, some problems arise with a couple of alien races, so the Earth Federation begins its research in creating a Plasma-power weapon to help protect the Earth from any possible outside threats."

I will show June story in this series. Her story, according Capcom famdom: "June is a young British-Chinese female rhythmic gymnast who is among one of the most talented rhythmic gymnasts in the world. Enrolling into the Star Gladiator program, she fights with her Plasma Power through her Plasma Ring and graceful dancing martial arts skills against the Fourth Empire, personally vowing to avenge her parents' death at Bilstein's hands. Even though June has a happy-go-lucky outlook, and a kind and cheerful personality with a perky and upbeat disposition, she can also bear a passive aggressive attitude and a rather sassy and haughty condescending streak when under stress or upset. Deep down, she hides deep within her soul her inner pain and sadness, including the pain of having to lose the people that she had loved the most, and an anger that can turn into an unstoppable vengeance. Though she masks her inner tumult well, she may come to vent with the less than pleasant aspects of herself, or at worst, become impulsive to where she disregards her own life without second thought. Despite this, she longs for a place in the hearts of others to belong to, and is resolute in her sense of righteousness and justice."

This game can be very hard if you want to see the true ending, since we have only 6 minutes to reach and defeat the last boss. I've failed a lot of times, but here is my victory!

This video was captured from a PS2, with the retrocompatibility. Thanks for watching, see you next video.
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