Study With Me LIVE *8 Hours*

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Welcome to Productivy Live Stream! Also known as the Study With Me Livestreams :D
Here we study and work together and make progress in life!
Feel free to join us! ^_^

- Heleen's subject today: German
- Study method today: 50 min study/10 min break Pomodoro
- Lunch break after session: 4
- How to study with a "study with me" video: coming soon
- When is the next stream:
- Add the calendar to your agenda:

- YouTube Channel:
- Instagram:
- Twitter:
- Discord:
- Study Calendar:

- Name: Heleen
- Birthday: 08/09/1997
- Nationality: Belgian
- Cat name: Ella
- Cat birthday: 05/05/2008

I may or may not have an obsession with studying, but not officially diagnosed.
Hobbies? Studying
Social life? None
Hotel? Trivago

Chat rules:
- Just be nice :D
We talk about the progress we make, the goals we set for the day, deadlines that are coming up, ...
- No spamming, trolling, bullying, harassment, all caps messages ...
- Follow YouTube's Community Guidelines:

Actions by moderators in case of violation of the rules:
1) Warning
2) Time out for 300 seconds
3) Ban
Note: The moderators are allowed to skip steps in the counter measures in case of extreme violations.

Big hug!!
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