Teaching Ryguyrocky How To Play Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator

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Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Teaching Ryguyrocky How To Play

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Game Description
???? Servers rebooted to add 20 new Black Bear quests for a Mythic Egg! The Mythic Egg quests begin after you complete his Star Jelly quests (there are 75 Black Bear quests total).

???? Brown Bear Rework - His quests have a 1hr cooldown, and they scale up in difficulty and rewards with each quest. They reward a Silver Egg (25 quests), Gold Egg (50), Diamond Egg (75), and Mythic Egg (100). If you can somehow complete 300 quests, you'll earn the Brown Bear Cub Buddy Skin!

???? New Bee: Fuzzy Bee! - This Mythic Bee uses its shaggy fur to pollinate flowers, temporarily upgrading them to the next tier! Upgraded flowers grant more pollen and grow faster.

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