The Adventures of Captain Marvel [Chapter 11]| Shazam vs Scorpion | American Superhero Movie [1941]

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Episode 11 of 12: Valley of Death | Adventures of Captain Marvel AKA Shazam! ????| | Adventures of Captain Marvel is a 1941,12-chapter black-and-white American superhero movie serial from Republic Pictures, produced by Hiram S. Brown, Jr., directed by John English and William Witney, that stars Tom Tyler in the title role of Captain Marvel and Frank Coghlan, Jr. as his alter ego, Billy Batson.
During an archaeological expedition to Siam's volcanic Valley of the Tombs to find the lost secret of the Scorpion Kingdom, a device of great power, the Golden Scorpion, is discovered hidden inside a sealed crypt. While examining it, the device's quartz lenses are aligned and powerful energy beam erupts, causing an explosion, resealing the crypt. This allows young radio broadcaster and expedition member Billy Batson, who obeyed the warning on the crypt's seal not to enter, to be chosen by the ancient wizard Shazam.

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The Adventures of Captain Marvel serial cast:

Tom Tyler - as Captain Marvel
Frank Coghlan, Jr. - as Billy Batson
William Benedict - as Whitey Murphy
Louise Currie - as Betty Wallace
Robert Strange - as John Malcolm
Harry J. Worth - as Prof Luther Bentley
Bryant Washburn - as Harry Carlyle
John Davidson - as Tal Chotali
George Pembroke - as Dr. Stephen Lang
Peter George Lynn - as Prof Dwight Fisher
Reed Hadley - as Rahman Bar
Jack Mulhall - as Howell
Kenneth Duncan - as Barnett
Nigel De Brulier - as Shazam
Tetsu Komai - as Chan Lai
Stanley Price - as Owens
Gerald Mohr - as The Voice of The Scorpion
Ken Terrell - as Bentley's Butler

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