The Artistic Spider

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Welcome to the Corona Virus Tim is now self-isolating, and presenting his videos directly from his apartment, via a web link.

Tim has been exploring a case of toys that he acquired about 5 years ago, and discovering a few items he had forgotten about!

First up, a couple of sheep toys. The first one is an unusual design, and if you press it softly, you hear a little the other one looks like an egg. Who knew sheep come from eggs? You wind it up, and it slowly thinks to itself, and then suddenly, up pops a sheep.

Then, Tim has an elegant collection of silvered discs. They unfold, and a clock, a thermometer and a hygrometer. A very elegant addition to any desk.

Finally, an amazing artistic spider! It needs batteries, and you have to pop a pen into its front legs, switch it on and place it on a large piece of paper, and off it goes. There is a little wheel underneath that you can rotate, and this will adjust the spider's movements, and cause it to draw a different pattern. Endless fun!
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