The Kyoto Anime Studio Massacre | The Case of Shinji Aoba

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True Crime: On the morning of Thursday the 18th July 2019, an enraged Shinji Aoba would walk through the doors of Kyoto Animation's Studio 1 building. His following actions would kill 36 people, injure an additional 33, and bring a nation to it's knees. Today it is remembered as one of the deadliest massacres in Japan since the end of World War 2. But who is Shinji Aoba, and what was his motive?

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00:00 Intro
00:49 Japan
01:57 Kyoto Animation
03:26 Shinji Aoba & Kyoto Animation
07:50 Shinji's Wrath
10:02 Thursday 18th July, 2019
12:45 The aftermath
16:19 Rebuilding Kyoto Animation
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