Ultimate Anime Quiz (Animes up until 2021) *NEW FORMAT ❤️* #TaraQuizAnime

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Hi guys! Sorry for the looong wait. ???? We've been busy for the last few days that's why we haven't uploaded new content. We will upload as timely as we can, so please look forward to new formats and categories.

Due to the success of our last anime quiz, we created a PART 2 OF THE OUR ULTIMATE ANIME QUIZ with ALL NEW FORMAT!! ????????

Welcome to TaraQuiz's 50-Question Random Quiz!

There are 50 anime questions that consist of different category type (By pictures, by voice, by eyes, by battle scene, and many moooore!)
You will have 15 seconds to answer each question.
You will have 1 point for every correct answer.

Have fun!

So what's your score? Are you a certified Otaku? If you are, watch it with your family or friends and challenge them.

If you have suggestions, just write down on the comment section #TaraQuizRequest then your suggestion so we can consider it on our next videos.
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