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Dream Believe Achieve (2014)
Six years ago, I experienced the single greatest travel experience of my life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get on a bus full of strangers and ride with them over the Andes mountains. Why? To document their story as they journeyed to cheer on Argentinian team BIGG CrossFit in its quest to qualify for the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games.
I had the unique opportunity to go to Chile that year and cover the Latin America Regional for CrossFit Media. We also stopped in Buenos Aires to take some affiliate owners out to dinner (What a dream job!) At the dinner I was told about a group of people getting on a bus to go to the regionals instead of flying. My first thought was…Can I go? I don’t have the words to do justice the experience; all I can say is that when it was all over, I LOVED these people. I am forever grateful for what they allowed me to be a part of. I am also forever grateful that CrossFit gave me the opportunity to take part in this life-changing experience.
After the trip, I made a lot of promises to those people I connected with. It was going to be truly epic. A BIGG Movie, I said. And they believed me. And they waited … and waited … and waited. After the team qualified, I told them that I would cover the story at the CrossFit Games as well and combine the footage into my EPIC BIGG MOVIE.

But it never happened. 
Over the years, some of these great people reached out to ask why. What happened? I truly did have a vision for what I experienced but I wasn’t sure if I could do it justice. The amount of footage I had overwhelmed me and I ended up pushing the project aside to do other things. It wasn’t until 2016 that I finally found the time to give it my all, and my all I gave—but I didn’t believe I had fully executed my vision, and so it sat on the shelf, unaired.
I’m only guessing, but I think those above me at CrossFit Inc. thought the content was a bit late. Ha. Ya think? But something happened in 2017 that I thought made the story relevant again, so I hunkered down and finished the edit.
Unfortunately, I was asked to cut it down because It was too long. However, I believed editing would sacrifice key elements of the story which disappointed me and so I never followed through. To this day, the most amazing time in my life is forever associated with great sadness that I didn’t deliver on a BIGG MOVIE promise.

Gary Roberts

People Credits:
Gigio Mazzoni
Barbie Mazzoni
Iggi Alsogaray
Guido Mazzoni
Tincho Sanchez Bravo
Josefina Cacha
Matias Rodriguez
Mariano Carchio
Sebastian Gonzales
Roro Alsogaray
Fafo Sanchez Lacoste
Loli Mallea
Cuni Martinez Vivot
Flor Daireaux
Nacho Perillo
Chapi Gangemi
Santiago Ficcadenti
Daniela Di Cesare
Nachi Picconi
Afi Nunez
Titus Thut
Delfina Ortuno
Amelia Guinazu
Nina Skyhojolsen
Chavo Chaves Del Valle
Julien Sarten
Charlie Obligado
Pato Falcato
Lucas Malvagni
Damian Burnovicz, CrossFit Jotun
Wilna Appel, CrossFit PBM
Tina Schmidt, CrossFit Green Bay
Ingrid Kantola, CrossFit Central Downtown
Charlie Donohue, CrossFit Kilo
Heather Soukas, CrossFit Dynamix

Producers: Sevan Matossian, Hayley Matossian, and Tyson Oldroyd
Editor and Story: Gary Roberts
Editor: Travis Cosentino
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