"Ur Terrible Cheater" // Warzone Solo Quads Highlights // Season 1

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he sure did buddy, ive played cs for 7k hours, i can easily hit flicks and have sprary controll. and i have of course seen some legit insane shit. but this right here, i play alot of warzone, that is clearly visible that this is aimbot(chest aim bot) af. aim directly at a enemy, long trail no recoil. absolutly no recoil. so you are telling me you know the recoil pattern for every single gun in the game that you never even fuck up one spray pattern? trust me if this was legit this kid would be in esports. ur just a terrible cheater, and i met you on a us server and i fucking sniped your ass from virgin. i saw you from super, took me 1 shot u turned around and looked directly at me. just shut up please.
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Didnt get banned btw lmao

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