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Here are some of the Zenfolio Features and Topics that may be covered on this live stream:

• Zenfolio Price List
Price Lists allow you to define specific products offered for sale and their prices in relation to your photographs. You can create any number of price lists and assign them selectively to galleries or individual photos. With multiple price lists you can charge different amounts for different types of work. For example, you can have a special ""at cost"" price list and assign it to your family photos, while setting higher prices to your ""for profit"" work.

• Zenfolio Digital Products
Along with selling Partner Vendor Fulfilled products and Self Fulfilled products, the option is also provided to sell Digital Download products through Zenfolio. This allows the photographer to sell Digital Downloads of their images and videos to their client.

The photographer is able to set the price for the Digital Download. They can also set the parameters of the download such as controlling the size of the image delivered to the client or controlling the number of images the client is able to downloading with the purchase of each product.

The photographer is also able to choose the license that applies to the Digital Download product. The license defines, to the purchaser, their rights for using the photo or video ( printing, posting on social media, commercial use, etc.). The photographer is also able to create their own custom licenses.

• Zenfolio Packages
Packages give you the option to take multiple products and sell them for one set price. This multi-product package may include partner vendor fulfilled, self-fulfilled, and digital download products. Packages can be created to use only one photograph or multiple photographs. Once you have created your package, you can edit and delete products within the package at any time. Prices are set under Packages and not under the Price List as other products are.

• Zenfolio Quick Shop
The New Shopping Experience makes selling, browsing, and buying easier with a more intuitive shopping experience for your clients. The Quick Shop allows your clients to add simple products to their cart with just one click. You can also display products that require multiple images in the Quick Shop but they will require additional configuration before the product can be added to the cart.​

• Zenfolio Gallery Settings
When customizing a Gallery or Collection Thumbnails page, the photographer is able to apply different Themes, Layouts and Options to the page.

• Zenfolio Marketing
Being good at business is important for anyone who is self-employed, but it is a necessity for photographers.
We also need to be able to market our business, find new customers, and maintain our brand.
Whether you are just starting your photo business, or you have been in business for a while, you need to market yourself to let people know you are out there.
In this digital age, there are countless places for you to market yourself.




Intro Song: Nouvelle Lune by AWN

Outro Song: Jumping of the Porch by Broke In Summer
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