В Землянке / In the Dugout (English Version)

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Английский перевод лирической песни "В Землянке" А. Суркова.

An English translation of "In the Dugout" - a beautiful wartime poem by frontline correspondent A. Surkov.

Text: Mikhail Lisovich
Guitar: Paul Filenko
Accordion/Musical Arrangement: Misha P.
Voice: Mikhail Lisovich

In the camp-stove, a captive flame beats
Crackling timber its amber tears cries
In the hut, my accordion sings
Telling tales of your smile and your eyes

Near Moscow, in snow-covered fields
Windswept shrubbery whispered of you
At this hour I want you to hear
How my voice sings in longing anew

Now you're miles and miles away
Snows and snows lie between us, my dear
It's not easy to come back your way
While sure death lies so palpably near

Sing harmonica, blizzards be damned!
Call lost happiness back to the fold
In the chilly dugout your love
Keeps me ceaselessly safe from the cold
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